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Driver Defense was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs in South Florida that wanted to provide a painless way to partner a client with an attorney. After having been part of the car world for many years we decided to combine our love for business and for the automotive industry and create Driver Defense. Law was a passion for both of us and we wanted to bring drivers around the country with a very simple and user friendly way to defend their rights both inside and outside the courtroom. We fully support and respect law enforcement throughout the country, yet we firmly believe that the general public deserves the right to seek the knowledge on how to defend themselves legally.

Our Goal

 When we set out to create Driver Defense, we had one goal in mind that we wanted to stick to. We wanted to remove the difficulty of attorney research and provide an extremely easy to use and simple way to find the best attorneys in the country. Our easy to use maps will lead you directly to the perfect attorney to provide you with the best defense in a court of law.  Not only is our goal to provide ease when searching for the best attorney, but it is also to create an informational database that users can refer to when searching information in regards to their specific violation. Knowledge is power, and by informing and helping the general public we believe that there will far more drivers on the roads conscious of their rights.

Our Mission

Our mission since Day 1 has been to continue to work diligently to provide our users and our attorneys with the aforementioned services by relentlessly and continuously working towards our goal. Our passion and dedication coupled with our perfectionism has led us to work endlessly to follow all proper attorney advertisement procedures compliant with many State Bar Associations from around the country. We believe that it’s extremely important that we provide both our end users and our attorneys with a service that they can benefit from with the ease of mind that we strictly and diligently remain constantly changing regulations.

Our Team


Olivier Corizzi

Founder & CEO

About Olivier

Olivier Corizzi is a young entrepreneur born in Paris, France and currently residing in Sarasota, Florida with an absolute drive for success and perfectionism. Growing up in an entrepreunerial family has allowed Olivier to work alongside extremely successful entrepreneurs to bring the vision of Driver Defense to fruition. Olivier spends countless hours during day and night to make sure his clients receive the help and information they seek. Olivier is currently studying business & entrepreneurship as well as flight training to obtain his commercial pilot license.




Cameron Cardelli

Co-Founder & CFO

About Cameron

Cameron Cardelli is a graduate from the School of hard knocks and currently residing in Miami, Florida. Cameron’s enthusiasm for business and automotive was the catalyst in multiple successful businesses that he has started in the automotive industry. This passion for automotive events and business led Cameron and Olivier to meet at an automotive charity event in South Florida. Cameron’s vast knowledge of the business world and back end informational technology work has brought a huge helping hand as the co-founder of Driver Defense.


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Questions? | Comments? | Concerns? Contact-us directly via our contact form or by calling and leaving us a message with your info at (530) 213-DFNS (3367).

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