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Attorney Levels

At Driver Defense, we’ve implemented different levels for attorneys based on their advertisement plans. We’ve listed the details for each profile type below to highlight the differences and better your understanding of our level system. Please note that these levels by no means reflect the competence or knowledge of a lawyer or law firm, they are simply a means of differentiating the levels of advertisement.


Bronze Level

Bronze Level is for attorneys in our directory with free profiles or profiles that have not been claimed yet.


Silver Level

Silver Level is for attorneys in our directory with profiles that don’t contain the full features that the Gold Level offers.

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Gold Level

The Gold Level is for attorneys in our directory that have profiles containing every feature we offer for our attorney profiles.

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Questions? | Comments? | Concerns? Contact-us directly via our contact form or by calling and leaving us a message with your info at (530) 213-DFNS (3367).

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