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Registration Violation

No person shall stop, park or leave standing a vehicle upon any highway or public parking facility that fails to display current vehicle registration tabs as required by Section 5204(a) of the Vehicle Code.

Non-moving violation

What are common registration violations?

  • Failure to display registration: You can receive a citation for not being able to provide an officer with the proper proof that your vehicle is registered.
  • Expired registration: You can also receive a citation for providing proof of registration that has expired and has not been renewed.

Will a registration violation affect my driving record?

  • A registration violation will have virtually no effect on your driving record as it will not be visible by insurance companies because the consequences carry solely a fine and no points are assessed.
  • Registration Violations carry will not impose points on your driving record.

Will a registration violation raise my insurance premiums?

  • Insurance premiums typically aren’t affected by non-moving violations.
  • Non-moving violations usually carry fine penalties but do not receive points. Since no points are assessed for non-moving violations, insurance premiums and costs do not rise.

Your options

Remain uncontested

By remaining uncontested, you will be forced to succumb to the penalties issued with the violation you committed. Such penalties can include

  • High fines
  • Towed vehicle
  • Pound fees

Contest your citation

Most people aren’t aware that even non-moving violations can be contested, yet they can typically be fought through a few simple steps without the need to hire an attorney,

  • Step 1: Review your ticket for mistakes
  • Step 2: Do not challenge the officer’s credibility in court
  • Step 3: Search for possible mistakes and faults on the ticket.
  • Step 4: Provide defending evidence in regards to the circumstances of the ticket

Note that to better your chances, it is wise to hire an attorney with experience in the field as he will be more aware of possible defenses and he will have familiarity about the system in your direct area. Also note that in certain locations, minor non-moving violations are contested directly through mail.

Display the proper proof of registration

If your citation was for an expired registration or for failure to display registration, because this is a “Fix-It” ticket you will typically be able to reduce or fully remove the charge by following these steps,

  • Acquire proper proof of valid registration
  • Get an authorized person to sign the “Certificate of Correction” part of your ticket
  • Take the proof of correction to the court and pay the dismissal fee.


Registration Violation State Statute & Penalties

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