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At Driver Defense we believe that safety should be the number one priority with our users. Everyone makes mistakes, but our belief is that if our users are provided with the right resources, they’ll minimize their mistakes and avoid making bad decisions.

We’ve set up an innovative system for our users so that they can get contact us the moment they’re pulled over. In modern society, it’s occasionally much easier to communicate via text message than via a generic phone call. That’s exactly what we aimed to do our texting program!

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How does it work?

Our goal at Driver Defense is to provide legal ease for our followers and our users. Instead of troubling you with a calling system, we wanted to give you the ability to contact us via text message. You text us your zip code at 530-213-DFNS (3367) and we send you a list of the attorneys in your proximity.

How much does it cost?

It make us extremely happy and proud to say that our service are absolutely free of charge. When you text us, your normal carrier fee for the cost of the text message. When we text you back, you still pay that very same fee. Nothing more, nothing less.

Who are the attorneys?

Please remember that we are not a lawyer referral service and we therefore are NOT endorsing or guiding you towards any specific lawyer or law firm. The attorney information you will receive will solely be of attorneys that are in your area and that are also in our directory.

Can I still call instead of text Driver Defense?

Of course! We’re happy to take your calls, whether it’s to talk about how our site works, or how we choose our network lawyers. We’re all ears and we’re here for you!

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Questions? | Comments? | Concerns? Contact-us directly via our contact form or by calling and leaving us a message with your info at (530) 213-DFNS (3367).

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Welcome to Driver Defense!
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